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Classy Quickie

Howdy all!

Minka hit 90 (woo woo) and is decked in Timeless Isle gear. I need to take her through Throne of Thunder LFR and get her an epic weapon and a mace so that her gear isn’t SO bad (but many thanks to Volde for hooking me up with the blue gears).

Thanks to Mara for that awesome hitting 90 gift! (Bags are always the best!)

Today my fiancé got an excellent deal on a 30″ widescreen flatscreen monitor (might be closer to 28″, I don’t quite know) and all I know is it is huge and WoW looks beautiful on it. He also got me a video card upgrade (I had an old GeForce 6600 and he hooked me up with a GeForce GT 610. Yay for loving fiancés!

That’s about it for now. I am extremely busy this week:

  • Work (8-5 all day er’ry day)
  • Interview Wednesday evening via Phone (which I am about to prep a script for-they will be doing a mock cold call with me at the end of the call)
  • Kickball Wednesday
  • Thursday night football
  • Friday possibly zipping home to help load a truck
  • Saturday festival
  • Sunday – adult confirmation class, sleep, finish crochet project

So you can see that does not leave a whole lot of time for WoW. However, I believe everything should be enjoyed in moderation so I will play a little next week maybe :)

Stay Classy!



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One response to “Classy Quickie

  1. Lorelei October 4, 2013 at 1:44 PM

    Grats on dinging 90! :)

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