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Classy Brainstorm

I play too much WoW and never really accomplish  much when I’m on.

So, I need a game plan.

I am currently debating between keeping both alliance and horde on ONE server or splitting my alliance toons and horde toons each on a different server.

In the long run, because of how they are set up now, the latter would be cheaper and cost me only the transfer cost for 2 toons.  The first would cost me 3 toons.

But the first almost seems ideal. This would not be accomplished until after May.  I am in the process of moving in with le boyfriend but once my lease is up in May on my apartment, I will have quite a bit of money free each month to a) pay CC’s off with (COMPLETELY, DONE, NADA, ZILCH, EMPTY CARDS) and also transfer/tidy up some toons.

By June I should have also gotten a raise ($50/paycheck), lost 20 pounds, and regained my insurance discount for being in shape ($50). Also, the gym membership will be tossed ($50). Very nice.  June will be a great month!

But, back on topic.

So, one can have a maximum of 10 toons per server.

I currently have:

Server 1

  • Priest (A)
  • Druid (A)
  •  Future Monk (A)

Server 2

  • Hunter (H)
  • Rogue (H)
  • Mage (A)
  • Future Paladin (H)

Server 3

  • Shaman (A)

What I thought I was going to do was this: move shaman to Server 1, and keep Server 2 all horde.

But as you can see, I only have 8 toons maximum. 2 are still imaginary.

With all the new (and probably future) BoA items, it makes more sense for me to be on one server where I can share those, right?

Also, my bf is new and has one toon on one server and I really don’t want to make him have to play horde elsewhere. When he hits 90 on his  monk I am going to want him to be able to buy heirloom gear and other things to send to another toon.  If he plays on two servers, then that is two sets of gear.

So, for now, I am thinking in terms of “which toons have I not played in forever and just don’t really care about anymore? Which do I want to focus on the most?”

  • I determined I don’t play shaman but once in a blue moon. I won’t be pursuing any quests or LFR gear on her. However, she is a scribe, and that would be handy to have with my druid, the herbalist. Originally they were together. I played Shaman in Vanilla, a little of BC, Wrath, and Cataclysm.
  • I feel the same way about my mage. Fun, but not fun enough to keep my attention.  She also has no professions that I don’t already have. But, I do play her once in a while and she is fun, so I will keep her.  I played mage in Vanilla and BC.
  • I love my rogue, and it is SO MUCH fun stabbing things, but she still comes in just under the hunter. The rogue was never max level in any relevant expansion, but she is currently my highest level horde at (73).
  • My druid is also a joy, but time constraints mean she doesn’t get played as much. After the hunter she will be the next leveling project (85-90). I did a little druiding in Wrath.
  • I also really want a monk (A) and a paladin (H).

As far as I can tell I think I have “played through” the classes and determined which I do like and which I don’t (or could live without).

I’m not a fan of warrior, DK, or warlock.  I enjoy mage and rogue but they aren’t my favorites.

So for now, until my funds increase, I will leave the mage and rogue on their respective servers. Actually, everyone stays on their respective servers.

My priest and my hunter are my favorites for sure.  I think I will try to keep those on the same server so I can share fun things between them.

TL, DR version: I’m going to focus on priest and hunter. I am going to put my new hordes on Borean Tundra in preparation for when I can move all my toons to one server.

Organizing toons can be such a PITA.






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4 responses to “Classy Brainstorm

  1. Navimie February 16, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    OMG you have a plan? I have one toon and I get on and all I do is sit around talking instead of finishing my reps! I hope you stick to it…. :P because I can’t

    • Classy February 18, 2013 at 1:56 AM

      Hehe! I kind of wish I had that sort of setup but I’ve been playing for SOOO LOOOONG that it just feels wrong to delete my toons that I’ve grown tired of (aka, mage).

      So I decided today I’m going to mostly play priest and hunter. Classy and Lumina. :)

  2. Lorelei February 17, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    As long as you have 11 toons or less one server seems ideal. So it sounds like a nice plan. :)

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