Classy Plays WoW

Adventuring in the online world of Azeroth.

Classy’s New Tablet

Guess who now has a Nexus 7 and also the best boyfriend in the world?

Classy does!

Oh yeahhhhh.

We walked into Wal-Mart and the display model was the only one left. 

After some questioning we worked our way up the electronics chain and eventually asked the manager if we could buy the display model.  He initially said no but then scanned the book and said, “Oh, wow, I guess we CAN sell it because it’s deleted.”

Apparently in WM speak (and he confirmed) that means they aren’t getting any more.

Well then!

My boyfriend promptly bought that one on the spot with a pretty new gray and black case–not a scratch in sight.  A short drive home and he reset it to factory settings in under five minutes.

And here I am, chillin’ on the couch, surfing mmo-champion.


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