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What Kind of a Person are you in Game?


So the other day I was playing on my priest, tooting around at the mailbox, when I noticed a message for help from a lowbie warlock.  She needed someone to help her get to a place inside a dungeon that none of her groups were stopping at.  Feeling helpful and knowing I could battle through any lowbie dungeon in a short amount of time, I whispered her and she replied that she needed to get to the safe zone of Gnomergean, because none of her LFD groups were stopping to let her turn in her grime encrusted objects.  Buncha jerks!

So, we party up and head on in to the instance. 

I breeze through and obliterate all the troggs for her, and we reach the safe room with relative ease. She turns in ten of her objects and also the ring.  Curious to where it turns into, I tell her Ironforge (the turn-in would show on her map).  We share some polite conversation and, noting that she is not wearing any heirlooms, I ask her when she started playing.

She said she was a long time horde player but this was her first alliance toon.  I traded her a quick amount of gold (500) and offered to help her anytime she was online. 

She replied with “You’re the first person who has been nice to me on the alliance side.”

She was level 28.  The fact that nobody had offered to help her yet really made me sad.  We continued to chat and I learned a lot about her, what she liked to do, her boyfriend, and her life. We didn’t go to bed until midnight, and I was absolutely fine with it being a work night. 

Sometimes when you show friendliness and respect toward a person, they are more apt to hang around the game and stay.  I am hoping that she continues to dabble on the alliance side and levels up her little warlock as much as possible. Maybe this will be her first alliance 85!

So I ask you all, what kind of person are you in game? 

Are you respectful and friendly toward your other players, regardless of whether or not you think they’re an alt?  Do your words reflect what kind of person you are?  Do you help your guildmates when they need it?

When others ask for loans in the guild, I am more than happy to send it to them and let them pay me back when they can. I find that I have been repaid every single time.  Telling them to take their time and send it when they can I believe makes them feel much more relaxed and cared about.

In the end, it is just gold. You can get more.  If giving some away to a stranger will help them feel cared about, I will gladly give it all out.  I will craft pretty gear and give instance runs to make someone feel appreciated and to show them how they can have fun with other people in the game, and that good people do exist.

Take a little time out of your day to either help a lowbie, share your gold with them, make them something nice, take them on a dungeon run, or just chat with them a bit and ask them if they need any help.

You’ll be rewarded with that warm fuzzy feeling and the knowledge that you made someone feel absolutely wonderful.

Please let me know in the comments below about your moments where you were happy you responded to someone’s trade chat call for assistance.

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8 responses to “What Kind of a Person are you in Game?

  1. hestiahthedruid July 18, 2012 at 3:53 AM

    It’s interesting, because sometimes I feel like outside of my RealID friends and twitter friends, I’m the only person who does this for strangers. That there are only this small tiny handful of people who remember what it was like to be new to the game. Or new to a faction. Or just unfamiliar with stuff. That all of those RealID friends, and twitter friends, were once strangers too.

    One of the things I have the hardest time balancing is the “raider” and the “social”. Because people keep saying they’re two entirely different things. No matter what I end up doing, I’ll always be friendly. I pay it forward and backward. I help others and am not afraid to ask for help if I need. I wish more people were like you. Maybe WoW wouldn’t be so terrible most of the time if people were actually NICE to each other.

    • Classy July 18, 2012 at 4:12 AM

      Thank you for commenting Miss Hestiah! I agree — also it seems we tend to gravitate toward the people that we identify with the most — in this case, a lot of our Real ID friends are also friendly, polite, caring, and open.

      It is hard to balance the raider/social part because a lot of my time is spent with a certain group of people in a raid where I’m isolated off from the rest of my world. I think people are getting tired of that quite a bit, so they’ve moved to more social guilds with less raiding.

      I wish I could clone you! *hugs*

  2. Navimie July 18, 2012 at 6:12 AM

    I feel awkward talking about the things I do for people. People think I’m touting my own horn, making myself sound better than I am.
    I was finishing Ghostlands for Loremaster and I met a low level person running around. I asked them if they would like a lift. He didn’t understand. I took out my bike, partied with him, and then showed him how to get in and I realised we were on part of the same quest chain. So I helped him finish it and took him back, and I gave him my low level greens. Nothing special. I don’t give gold though… he friended me and after that kept asking me stuff that he was too afraid to ask in game for fear of people yelling at him because they were unfriendly. I do feel good when I help people, and know that if I had been playing alone, I would have really liked a friendly hand to enjoy the game that much more.
    Reading your story makes me happy that there are more people out there than I thought. Hestiah, nice to see you have the same mentality too! I like being friendly – I don’t expect anything in return. If someone did well in a BG, I pst them and tell them how awesome it was. If someone did a great job tanking or healing a dungeon I let them know. If there were more people in the game like you two, the world (of warcraft) would be such a nice place :)

    • Classy July 21, 2012 at 2:42 AM

      It is all in how you say it and feel about it, Navi! Mentioning something you did, your reaction to it, your feelings toward it, and how it has affected you as a person is nothing to feel bad about! In addition, I asked for everyone to share their sweetness in comments so you are 200% safe!

      I love meeting 100% fresh, new people who picked up the game as a new venture. What you did was very sweet! I was lucky to have a group of friends who were about 20 levels ahead of me (I was a baby 10, they were in their 18/20s doing Wailing Caverns when it was the cool hangout). They educated me a lot and bought me my first mount (when a 5g Arcanite Transmute was HIGHLY prized). I am glad you showed him the ways of the Mechano-Hog world.

      I love being friendly — even if someone just says “thanks” and runs off, I know it will affect them somehow. I don’t PvP because it makes me very frustrated so I stick with PvE. Thank you for the sweet words!

  3. clumsygrrrl July 18, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    I play the same way. When I started WoW I had a whole team of strangers helping me along. People have helped me SO much, the least I can do is help other people.

    • Classy July 21, 2012 at 2:43 AM

      Same here! Well, they were my friends, but they were a little ahead of me so I was able to get all the advice, warnings, experience, and they also gave me BAGS! (best thing ever for a lowbie!)

  4. Karla July 18, 2012 at 6:26 PM

    This totally sounds like me! I had a player whisper me asking for 10 silver a few weeks ago, so he could train. I asked him if he was new to the server. He said he was new to the game, and had just started playing the day before. So i asked him to wait, and logged into my main, and then gave him 4 netherweave bags and 25g.

    I try to be really nice and polite in game, to maybe balance out some of the jerks. Who knows who you’re going to run into – you could totally turn someone’s day around by being nice to them.

    • Classy July 21, 2012 at 2:46 AM

      Absolutely! If they look a little newbish, I usually give them the benefit of the doubt and give a little bit of gold. If they’ve got a full set of heirlooms on, though, my eyebrow starts to go up…

      It is definitely better to be good! That is the goal — balance out the meanies!

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